I have deliberately chosen to work with a boutique organic product house from the Cotswolds along with the most advanced clinically proven anti – ageing cosmeceuticals. Both of who share the Lidos ethos of authenticity, wellbeing and results. We want you to have the very best, so again, for the first time, we bring to the area these award winning skincare houses.

Simply put – We love them! They work!

Janine Corciulo


pH Formulas

pH Formulas is the first pharma-cosmeceutical line of products based on skin resurfacing rather than peeling. Developed in Barcelona these products have a unique delivery system allowing most to be self neutralising on the skin thus achieving amazing results on chronic redness, acne and wrinkles without the downside of many peels.


Organic natural herbs and essential oils are sourced in the Cotswolds to create a luxurious range of body, lifestyle and facial products that create beautifully pure clean aromas. Combining modern cosmetic science with nature, you will be left feeling firm and gently cleansed while balancing both mind and body.


Prevention, Correction and Protection. The SkinCeuticals product philosophy is built around these 3 principles. More than a cosmetic and edging towards a pharmaceutical, their results are outstanding and very cutting edge. Rich in anti – oxidant vitamins and backed by science, your skin concerns will all be answered.
*Due to Skin C being a Cosmeceutical range and the legislation from L’Oreal any client reactions for legal reasons must be reported directly by the client to [email protected] phone number 0800 055 6822 who will liase direct with the client for any refunds/replacement.

Call in and try our other exiting brands too…

Lidos are proud to be the only spa in Cheshire to offer the cult CIATE LONDON nail care range, fab catwalk colours with real shine. Along with XEN TAN who we feel are still the best natural, gorgeous smelling tanning products out there we have SUSAN POSNICK mineral make up range which is highly regarded as the purist of all mineral powders. Last but not least, we simply love ARTISTIC gel polish – Still the no 1 gel range in the USA.

Glamour on the go…

Available to Purchase online Spring 2017